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Number Thief and The 3 Times Facts

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I looked at the bubbles,
With gawks and a gaze,
Thoughts ran through my mind,
Like rats run a maze…
Questions in bubbles,
Seemed kind of odd,
Like the time I’d met up with,
3 lemons named Todd…
The fact,
Well it hit me,
Right on the head,
And I remembered the thief,
And what he had said,
The last time I saw him,
The last he’d been seen,
Number Thief told me,
He was really-real mean,
He promised to get me,
When I was bathing alone,
While sitting in water,
There’d be no one else home…
That was right now!
It hit me like bricks,
Number thief was here,
like 3 x 2 = ____

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