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Number Thief and The 3 Times Facts

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My parents came home,
From their trip to the mall,
I told them what happened,
They didn’t believe me at all…
They told me to tell them,
The honest whole truth,
But I wasn’t lying,
They could hire a sleuth,
dog detective cartoon
To see I’d been honest,
For my whole honest youth…
But they wouldn’t hear it,
They put me to bed,
Without any dinner,
After they said…
Kids that are liars,
Don’t ever get fed!
Kids that are liars,
Don’t even get bread…
bread- toast
I screamed and I yelled,
I gave them a poke,
They said they were kidding,
Just playing a joke…
But it wasn’t funny,
And I slammed closed my door,
I did it 12 times,
Just like, 3 times a ____

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