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The Number Thief: 11X Facts

The Valentine's day story (page 9 of 12)

The thief, well he caught it,
With his long thiefly tongue…
And love filled his soul,
At least one thief lung…
With love in his eyes,
Thief started to smile,
And he pulled out my 11,
No jury or trial…
He wrapped up my 11,
With red wrap and a bow,
bow with 11 under it
And handed it to me,
Said he wasn’t my foe…
He gave me more chocolate,
And then floated away,
And that was the last time
I saw thief that good day…

On the next day,
I saw the thief 11 times an hour,
every hour from 9AM to 8PM,
How many times did I see the thief in total?

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