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The Valentine's day story (page 1 of 12)

Valentine’s came,
2nd month, 14th day,
But I didn’t care,
No romance, no way!
I was home all alone,
No Valentine’s kiss,
No heart shaped love notes,
Not even from sis,
My parents had gone,
To the mall with our parrots,
To buy some sweet chocolates,
Some candy, some carrots…
Instead of sweet romance,
Math filled my poor brain,
6 sheets of math homework,
Were nothing but pain…
I was eating some sweets,
They were shaped like small hearts,
When I heard a loud sound,
Bang my ear’s parts…

If I had eaten 7 packs of candy,
and there were 11 candies in each pack,
how many candies had I eaten in total?

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