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The Number Thief: Even and Odd Numbers

recognizing even and odd numbers (page 6 of 9)

Number thief frowned,
As he grew more and more,
He was larger than Saturn,
Or the largest toy store!!!
Now thief couldn’t run,
And thief couldn’t move,
His stomach jiggled,
In wiggles so smooth…
He tried for my homework,
Not for the last time,
He screamed out the number,
That was 3 less than 9,
I told him to chill out,
Stop wasting my time!
You sorry, old thief,
You look like you’ve eaten,
Too much roast beef,
Now prepare to be beaten!
That number is 6,
That’s 3 less than nine,
That number is 6,
All of the time,
Now big Mr. Thief,
You might wanna’ be leavin’
Cause each day I wake up,
6 is just _____

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