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The Number Thief: Adding Tens

adding tens (page 7 of 10)

Number thief was now looking,
Like see-through sea-glass,
sea glass
This was more fun,
Than teacher’s math class!!!
Thief was invisible,
Could hardly be seen,
The only things left,
Were the things in-between,
His two bellybuttons,
Which were also bright green…
Bellybuttons were floating,
Like big green airplanes,
And honked,
Like clouds bring the rains…
23 plus 10,
It was a nice game,
But it’s really so easy,
One’s digit’s the same,
When you add on a ten,
One’s digits don’t change!!!
Invisible thief,
I screamed out with glee,
23 + 10,
Is just _____

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