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The Number Thief: Adding Tens

adding tens (page 6 of 10)

We looked at the thief,
And he still looked quite mean,
But through his 6 fingers,
Some light could be seen…
hand with 6 fingers
He’d turned more invisible,
Like ice in the heat,
But still remained mean,
Like a lion loves meat…
He dove at our notebooks,
Grabbing for numbers,
He flew through the air,
Like flying cucumbers…
cucumber on an airplane
Then thief asked a problem,
We didn’t expect,
We’d been adding by tens,
But what he said next…
Well, he screamed out 11,
This was quite tricky,
10 plus 11?
I was feeling quite sickly…
I looked at Ben ,
To help with it too,
This question was tough,
Like the sole of my shoe…
11 + 10,
That answer did come,
And Ben yelled it out,
It’s just ______

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