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the dentist

my dentist is nice...

“I have some bad news,”
Said the dentist to me,
“You’ve got not just one…
Not two, and not three…

You’ve got fourteen teeth,
Which I’ll need to remove,
To pull from your mouth,
I’m sure mom will approve…”

“NOOOO!” I screamed,
“You won’t get not one!
I need all my teeth,
Like a tree needs the sun!
You won’t get one tooth,
From out of my head,
I’ll keep my mouth closed,
From now until bed!!!”

The dentist just smiled,
“We do have our way,
To get a kid’s teeth,
Anytime of the day!”

So there in the chair,
I closed my mouth tight,
And stared down that dentist.
I’d put up a fight…
He took out a machine,
That had a pink feather,
And it tickled my face,
Like misty cool weather…
I started to laugh,
And when my mouth opened wide,
That man grabbed my tooth,
And pulled it outside…

“Ouch!” I yelled,
With a pain in my gum,
You mean, mean, mean dentist,
You aren’t my chum!
He got one, but that’s all,
He wouldn’t get more,
And I slammed my mouth closed,
Like the wind slams a door!

But then the cruel Dentist,
Brought out a machine,
With jaws of its own,
And he laughed really mean…
And the machine tried to pry,
My jaws by the bones!
But I wouldn’t give in,
I wouldn’t let it get home..
I kept my mouth shut,
Like a door locked at night,
I wouldn’t open it up,
I wasn’t losing this fight!
I protected my teeth,
Like a dog does its food,
Have my teeth pulled?
No thanks- Not in the mood!

He called in the nurse,
And she started to say,
I wasn’t leaving the office,
Until the doc got his way…

“No way!” I cried,
“I’m outta this chair,”
But the nurse said I’d better,
Just stay sitting right there.
I tried to get up,
I tried to escape,
But the nurse held me down,
She was strong like an ape…

The dentist then asked me,
To say just one “Ahhh..”
I laughed in his face,
And just said one, “Hah!”

The dentist got mad,
Mad in a fury.
I was sitting on trial,
And he was the jury!
The judge, the jailer, the master of mean,
Then he left the small room,
To get a second machine…
“This one is made,”
He said,
“For kids just like you,
I only have one, but I wish I had two!”

I saw the machine with its pincer type tool,
And I screamed out my loudest,
“You must think I’m a fool!!! “
And then I wished,
And I hoped,
And I pleaded above,
To be out of that chair,
That I just didn’t love…
I wished so hard,
That it soon became true,
And I was home in my pyjamas,
Which were furry and blue…
Was it a dream? I asked,
As I lay in my bed,
And began to count teeth,
I had in my head…

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