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Page 2: No Boring Schools!


“Well students, how are you today?” asked Ms. Saturnberry.
“We’re good,” said Jenna.
“What do you guys normally do during morning meeting?”
“Oh, we just share anything of interest,” said Carlos.
“Ok, does anyone want to share this morning?”
potato cartoonRegina raised her hand, and Ms. Saturnberry called on her.
“Last night my dad and I made some baked potatoes in the oven,” said Regina.
“Yes, and then what happened?”
“That’s it,” said Regina.
“That’s it? That’s all? You made baked potatoes? That’s boring,” said Ms. Saturnberry.
“Hey, Ms Saturnberry,” said Zander, “We don’t tell other people their stories are boring in Mr. R.’s class. We respect each other and everything we have to say and share.”
“Well, I don’t look like Mr. R., do I? And I say baked potatoes are boring! As a matter of fact, I think this whole school is boring!” she screamed as she floated into the air and landed right on top  of Matthew’s desk.
“I don’t like this boring place,” she continued, “I don’t like anything boring!” Then she ripped some of the students’ work off the wall and began to shove it into her mouth.
“Hey don’t eat our work!” cried Zander. 
“I will eat it! This work is boring!” she yelled at the students.
“No way! We worked hard on those math projects! Stop eating them!” yelled Jake.
“Ok, if I stop eating this boring stuff, you’ll eat it instead!” she laser ray gunscreamed as she took out some sort of laser and aimed it at the students.
“Are you crazy? We won’t eat paper!” yelled Jenna, but after a beam of light shot out of the laser, there was nothing the students could do. The laser seemed to control them, and the next thing that happened was shocking.
Ms. Saturnberry said, “Now I want all of you to take out last night’s math homework and eat it!”
For a second the students tried to resist this ridiculous request.
“I’m not eating math homework,” said Carlos.
“Me either, that’s disgusting,” said Regina.
But a minute later, all the students were taking out their math homework and eating it!

3 of my students had completed a total of 10 sheets of math homework, and the rest of my students had completed 7,896,641 sheets of math homework. Now they’d eaten 5,678,999 of the sheets, how many sheets of math homework were left?

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