The Smile and the Frown

be happy!

“I feel really bad,
That you’re always so sad,”
Said smile to frown,
One day…
frown smiley
“To be sad isn’t good,
It’s like swallowing wood,
It hurts deep inside,
I should say…
But what can I do?
I was born being sad?”
Said the frown,
Who tried not to cry…
The smile said, “Wait!
We’ll do something good,
I have an idea we must try…”
The smile then tried,
To flip frown around,
But the frown,
Just wouldn’t do flips…
sideways frown smiley
“I know if I get you all upside-down,
Smile will be on your lips…”
sideways frown
But the frown wouldn’t budge,
Though it wanted to flip,
But smile was quite inspired…
He tried and he tried,
To flip Mr. Frown,
Until he was too, too, too tired…
Smile sat down and laughed a bit,
Because laughing is what smiles do…
He looked at the sky,
And down at the ground and said,
“I have some advice to give you…”
If you’re born as a frown,
A frown you’ll be,
You have to enjoy frown life,
Frowns are important,
Because people get sad,
Even when they get good advice…
If they don’t feel like a smile,
And feel like a cry,
A frown must cover their face,
And then when they’re happy,
I’ll take over,
Put smiles,
In the frowns place…
So live your life, Mr. Frown,
For all that you can,
Each second, each minute, each day…
Enjoy being a frown,
Enjoy what you do,
And happiness will soon come your way…

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