Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 5: Sweet Sweet Revenge

“OK, I’ll call you when I’m ready to cut him,” said the girl, as she began to draw a second face on my other side.
Ready to cut him? Ready to cut him!! Ready to cut him!!! Drawing a face on me is one thing, but cutting one into my body is another slice of pumpkin pie altogether! There was no-way and no-how I was gonna’ let that happen!

pumpkin with "this wasn't going to happen to me" written on side.When little Margie moved the marker near enough to my stem, I grabbed it from her hand.
“Hey,” she cried, “Give that marker back to me.”
I held it tightly.
“If you don’t give it to me, I’m gonna’ tell mom on you, you Mr. mean, mean pumpkin head!”
But I held the marker away from her grabbing hands…
“Maaaaaaaaaaaa!” she cried, “the pumpkin stole my marker! The pumpkin stole my marker!” Luckily mother didn’t hear her, and while she cried, I stretched my stem as far as it would go and got my revenge by drawing a face on little Margie. I think she was too shocked to stop me. I drew the most horrible, twisted witch’s nose, beady eyes, and a big mouth that looked like a clown’s. Yes I had my revenge and I felt good about it!
Margie just sat there staring at the floor until the mother came out again. I must admit, I guess I felt a little sorry about what I’d done…but she’d started it!
“What did you do to yourself Margie? Why did you draw all over you face?” asked the mother.
“I didn’t do it! The dumb-dumb pumpkin did it to me!”
“Dear, I’ve told you not to use that sort of language or make up stories, and I’ve also told you never to draw on your face!”
“But I didn’t draw it mom, the pumpkin did it!” insisted Margie.
“Margie McGuire, remember what I told you about telling the truth! Now you go wash your face right now, and I’ll draw a face on the pumpkin for you.”
Margie got up and stomped away. Although I felt a little bad for her, I was also thinking about doing the same drawing routine to the mom. I changed my mind when I saw her holding a sharp knife in her hand.

If drawing on Margie’s face was 23 x 31 times as fun as riding the best rollercoaster in the world, how many times more fun was it?

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