Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 6: A Better Looking Face

The mother was a much better artist than Margie, and in no time she’d drawn another face on my body. Although it was still a scary face, it wasn’t nearly as ugly as the one Margie had drawn on me.
After Margie was done washing the marker off her face, she came back, and when she saw me, she told her mom she liked it.
pumpkin with scary face
“Can I carve it now?” asked Margie.
“Well we’re gonna’ have lunch first, and then we’ll carve the pumpkin.” said the mother.
“But I want to do it now!”
“After lunch,” repeated the mother. And the two of them went to the kitchen to eat…I didn’t see why I wasn’t getting lunch. What kind of family was this! I was so hungry, I could’ve eaten a huge bowl of spinach, and I don’t even like spinach…

I was actually so hungry I could’ve eaten a whole bowl of Halloween candy!
If there were 31 packs of gum in the bowl, and each pack had 6 pieces, how many pieces of gum were in the bowl in total?

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