Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 10: It's Not So Bad to be Not So Great...

When the mom and Margie were done carving, they brought me inside the house and put me on the kitchen table. The mom began emptying bags of candy into a bowl and Margie went upstairs to change.
princess dressA few minutes later Margie came down the steps in her costume- it was a princess outfit that didn’t quite fit.

“I don’t like my costume,” she complained, “I looked scarier when Mr. Pumpkin drew on me!”
“Honey, you know pumpkins don’t draw.” replied the mother, “I think you look really great!”
“Well this pumpkin does draw,” she said, “and I want him to do it again.”
‘Yeah, kid, you tell her!’ I thought to myself knowing what a great artist I was…
Just then, the phone rang and mother left the room to answer it. I guess because I was feeling good about myself, I whispered,
“Hey kid, come over here and bring the marker with you.”
Margie ran to the table, grabbed the marker, and gave it to me. I held it with my stem and drew on her until she looked scary again.
When I was done, Margie was so happy she gave me another big disgusting kiss. In a way, I was beginning to like this kid, I can’t really explain why though.
The mother came back into the room and said, “Margie if you draw on yourself one more time there will be no trick-or-treating for you!”
“I didn’t do it, the pumpkin did!” laughed Margie, “Can I keep it mom, please?”
“Oh, Margie,” sighed the mom, “I suppose so. It is pretty scary.”
pumpkin squished
Later that evening, they put me on the porch with a candle inside me. The fire from the candle warmed my insides like a mug of hot chocolate and I felt happy. A group of kids with candy bags came up to the door, and like a dragon I flickered and shot fire out of my mean eyes. I could see the kids were scared and I liked it. This Halloween thing wasn’t turning out so bad after all. I spent the entire night scaring kids and I even got to eat candy. I was feeling super proud as I realized being a pumpkin on Halloween is a very important job.

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