new school

were you afraid on the first day of school?

My name is Jimmy-Jon-Joe,
And I’m dis-not-un-cool,
But I had to leave home,
Before the start of new school…
school bell
So that night I crept out,
Into the dark,
Found the garage,
Where parents did park…
I rolled out the car,
the car
And pick-up truck too,
pick up truck
Got Brother B. Bobby,
Who was dressed in light blue…
light blue
I dragged Little-Lisa,
lisa a girl
And Big-Bobby-Joe,
big bobby
Who was already so big,
We wished he never did grow!
Next came Fumeera,
Then Sad-Salley-Sue,
Who sat around crying,
Like a sobbing boo-hoo…
Then came Gee-Whizal,
gee whiz- big kid
And Jon-Jolly-Jed,
jon jolly jed
And my little Sink-Squirrel,
With his hot water head…
squirrel with sink spout head
My Red-Coated-Zink,
Which was Blue-Parrot hued,
And my vicious Gum-Gnasher,
Who gnashed when he chewed…
I grabbed a fruit sundae,
fruit sundae
And a strawberry shake,
Sunday’s lasagna,

Which took hours to bake…
I found my old toothbrush,
And some liquidy soap,
I grabbed an old suitcase,
And in it I poked,
Two pairs of undies with superman’s face,
An old faded T-shirt I won at some race,
3 separate socks,
three socks
You may need more than 2!!
Then I stacked it on top and shouted,
“Let’s go!”
“Listen my brothers, and sisters, and beasts,
We’re going to parties,
And dances,
And feasts…
And eating,
And watching TV,
It’s gonna be fun,
School ain’t for me!”
So I started the engine,
car starter
And clutched down the clutch,
But the old motor moaned,
“I can’t carry this much!!!”
car struggles
I cried and I yelled to old Mister Car,
“We have to go now,
It’s not very far!
We have to get going, before new school starts!”
I yelled as I pressed on the pedaling parts.
car pedal
The car lurched forward with a terrible jolt,
I was thrown from my seat,
And sat up with a bolt!!!!
I saw my Mom’s eyes,
And her soothing nice face,
I sighed and I yawned,
Just a dream was the case…
I gave her a smile,
She gave me a kiss,
But when I looked up again,
What happened was this…
I heard what she said,
And she looked like a ghoul,
It’s time to get-up for new school.”

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