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Nat the Fat Bat

a mammal that can fly...

bat cartoon
A fat bat named Nat,
Fell down from the sky,
Too heavy to float,
Too heavy to fly!
He grabbed the brown brim,
Of grandpa’s black hat,
Too heavy to move,
So that’s where he sat…
Nat sat there all day,
Nat sat there all night,
Too big to achieve,
True mammal flight…
Grandpa felt bad,
That Nat was fat still,
Took Nat to the gym,
To use the treadmill!
Nat’s shorts didn’t fit,
His feet got all sore,
Nat the fat bat,
Ran right out the gym’s door!
Nat the fat bat,
Was really so sad,
But here’s the idea,
My old grandpa had!
Grandpa put Nat,
The world’s fattest bat,
In front of our saber-toothed,
Bat-eating cat!
Cat chased in the sun,
Cat chased in the moon,
Nat was cat-chased,
From October through June!
One night Nat woke up,
In really great shape,
And Grandpa told Nat,
To go fly to the cape…
Nat flew through the air,
Flew up really high,
Used echolocation,
To criss-cross the sky…
Nat came back down,
Smiled for hours,
He’d sucked down some nectar,
From some blooming red flowers…
Thank you Grandpa,
You’re a real-sweet old man,
But I don’t like your cat,
Or his exercise plan!

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