Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 9: Spooky School Yard

Later that night, at 8 PM, the three met back at the school with their flashlights.
It’s kind of spooky here at night,” said Jake,
“Yeah, I feel like someone’s watching us!” said Joe.
“It’s as if the school has eyes,” said Jenna.
“Yeah, Mr. Geebrah’s evil eyes!” said Joe.
Even though they were scared, they began trying to put the sheet of paper together. Once again they were having trouble.
Suddenly, they heard a strange sound. It was the screeching of a bird, and they all were terrified. But then they heard the bird say…                      Holdpapperinmoonlighttttt

“I wonder why it would want us to do that?” asked Jenna.
“I don’t know, but it’s worth a try,” said Joe. The three friends held their paper up in the moonlight and something strange began to happen. The paper began to float up into the air and then twirl and twist in circles as it came back down to the ground in one whole piece.
“Look, the map put itself together!” yelled Joe.
Jake picked the map up and they looked at it. It had a bunch of circles with fractions on them. This was one complicated map!
This map looks like the work of Mr. Geebrah, the world’s most evil math teacher!” yelled Jenna.
“This puzzle is hard,” said Joe, “but we have to solve it to save Suzy!”

If the students had read 5/9 of the map, how many more ninths did they have to read before they read the entire map?  

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