Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 8: Two Halves of a Puzzle

“Now we have two halves of the paper!’ yelled Joe
“6/12 made up one half,” said Jenna.
“Yeah, and 12/24 makes up the other half!” said Jake.
“That means we have the whole paper! But where’s the map?” asked Jenna.
They looked at the back of the pieces of paper and saw some strange markings on them.
“I bet that’s the map part!” yelled Jake.
“Let’s put this puzzle together to see how we can save Suzy!” said Joe.
The students tried to put the map together but it wasn’t easy. The pieces seemed to be changing shape as they worked with them.
“I think Mr. Geebrah must have put some sort of curse on this paper, how come we can’t get these 6 simple pieces of paper to fit together?” asked Joe.
Over an hour passed and they still hadn’t solved the puzzle.
“Look, Guys,” said Jake, “it’s getting late, and I have to get home for dinner or my parents are gonna’ worry. Let’s meet back here in front of school at 8 to solve this.”

The three agreed.

It was 7:15PM. What fraction of an hour was it going to pass before the students were going to meet again? (make sure to reduce)

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