Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 6: A Math Problem

“Told you Mr. Geebrah had an evil castle!” said Joe.
“You always think you’re right!” yelled Jenna.
“Can you guys stop fighting?” said Jake, “Now are there any more clues on these pieces of paper? We need to find that map.”
They studied the papers more carefully and didn’t see anything special about them. There was no map anywhere. They thought and they thought.
Finally Jenna said, “I wonder what would happen if we add the fractions on the papers. Maybe it will give us some sort of clue.”
“Can’t hurt let’s give it a shot,” said Jake.
“If I can remember how to add fractions,” said Joe.
These fractions are easy to add, they all have the same denominator,” said Jenna.

The fractions were:



What did the students get when they added them? (reduce your answer to lowest terms!)

Enter your answer here (use a / between your numerator and denominator):

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