Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 3: A Strange Bird

Mr. Geebrah said, “Here are your math tests! It’s really a miracle most of you passed and only a small fraction failed. That small fraction is Suzy Q.!”
“Speaking of Suzy,” called out Jenna, “Does anyone know where she is?”

Now, it wasn’t odd for Jenna to call out in class, she did it all the time, but it was odd that Mr. Geebrah didn’t yell at Jenna for calling out in class. He always yelled and screamed at students for calling out in class. But this time, Mr. Geebrah just turned toward the blackboard and laughed an evil laugh…

After school that day, Jenna was standing in the yard with her friends, Joe and Jake. Jenna was asking them if they knew what happened to Suzy Q.
“I didn’t see her her, and usually we walk to school the same way,” said Jake.
“I didn’t see her either,” said Joe, who began teasing Jenna about her new haircut. Jenna was about to start making fun of Joe’s ears when the three of them saw a strange bird flying through the sky.

“That’s the strangest looking bird I’ve ever seen,” said Jake.
“Yeah,” said Joe, “I’ve never seen anything like that before!”
They watched as the bird dropped something from its talons, and three pieces of gold colored paper fluttered down to the ground in front them.

If 1/5 of the bird’s trip to get to the students had been 8 miles, how far had the bird’s entire trip been?

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