Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 2: The Math Test

One fine morning at this small school, things were especially quiet because the students knew Mr. Geebrah was giving a math test, and math test days were the scariest days of all! Why was that you may ask? Well that’s because, some people believed that on nights after math tests, Mr. Geebrah would sneak around town and take students that didn’t do well, and bring them to suffer in his evil castle of math…

At 9 o’clock the bell rang and students filed into Mr. Geebrah’s class for their test. He put test papers on the students’ desks and told them they better be silent.

It was not even five minutes into the test before Suzy Q. began to weep. First her tears soaked 1/3 of her test, then 2/3 of her test, and finally they’d soaked 3/3, or in other words, her whole math test!!
Suzy’s test paper was so soggy, the numbers she’d written began to blur. All the sixes seeped into the eights, and the eights ran into the nines. After the test, Suzy continued to cry.
“What happened Suzy, what’s wrong?” asked Suzy’s friend Jenna.
“I couldn’t remember how to add fractions. I’m gonna’ fail!”
“Don’t worry,” said Jenna, “I’ll show you tomorrow, it’s easy once you practice.”
But Suzy Q. was not in school the next day. She was the only student absent from math class when the students sat down in their seats.

Now Suzy Q. was not the only student named Suzy in this class. As a matter of fact, there were three other students named Suzy. If the class had 16 students, what fraction of them were named Suzy? (that’s including Suzy Q.)

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