Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 17: A New Day

Finally the three locks were unlocked and Suzy stepped out onto the top of Numer’s cage.
“Now I see why you sent us that note that said you were near the numerator!” said Joe.
“Yeah,” laughed Suzy, “Numerators are always on the top, just like that secret room! Lucky Mr. Geebrah’s pets, Numer and Denomin helped me send that map with their friend the bird! Now let’s get outta’ here before that evil math teacher returns!”
“And quickly!” yelled Jake.
“But first we have to save Numer and Denomin!” cried Suzy, “They helped save me, so we have to save them.”
They unlocked the cages, and Numer and Denomin jumped out and started licking their faces.
Suzy laughed, “No time for that now. We have to get away before Mr. Geebrah comes!”
The students ran out through the door, and kept running until they were 1/4, then 2/4, then 3/4, and finally 4/4 of the way back to school.
When they got back, it was already the next morning, and they saw the other students happily playing in the schoolyard.
“What happened? Why’s everyone so happy?” asked Joe.
“Mr. Geebrah decided to become an English teacher!” yelled Xander.
“Yeah” said Jenny, “He’s so cool now. Numbers made him so confused and angry, but he’s really good at spelling!”
Suzy, Jenna, Jake, and Joe, joined their friends playing in the yard, and even Mr. Geebrah came out to play a quick game of tag.
The sun was shining, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and everyone had a big smile!!!

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