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Chapter 15: Lots of Keys

“We better hurry, I don’t wanna’ see Mr. Geebrah, but how are we gonna’ open these locks?” asked Joe.
“Hey look,” yelled Jenna, pointing to a key ring she saw hanging on the wall, “There are lots of keys over there!”
Jenna ran over, grabbed the key ring and looked at the keys.
“There are fractions on they keys too. Let’s try to find keys that have the same fractions as the locks.

fraction story locks

They searched for a key with matching fractions, but there were none.
“What are we gonna’ do?” yelled Suzy, “I don’t wanna’ be stuck here forever!”
“You won’t be,” said Jake, “We’ll get you out even if I we have to try every key in every lock.”
“No, that’ll take too long,” pleaded Suzy. “I don’t want Mr. Geebrah to come back before we can escape!”
Just then Numer, the dog started barking. He barked 3 times. And then Denomin, the cat started meowing, she meowed three times.
“That was strange, it was like they were talking. Do you think they’re trying to tell us something?” asked Joe.
“Yeah, I bet they were, but what?” asked Jenna.
“Well,” said Jake, “3 barks and 3 meows. It’s the same amount, but they sound different.
“What does that have to do with keys and locks?” asked Joe.
“Maybe we have to look for fractions on the keys that are the same amount but look different!” said Jake.
“Good Thinking,” said Joe, “Let’s look for equivalent fractions on the keys!”
Speaking of equivalent fractions? Which of the following is an equivalent fraction for 4/6? 

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