Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 13: Mr. Geebrah's Pets ate Suzy!

“Oh no!” whispered Joe, “I bet Mr. Geebrah fed Suzy to his dog and cat!”
“I can’t believe this!” shouted Jenna, “I can’t believe he would do this to Suzy!”
“This is horrible,’ said Joe, “I bet that dog Numer ate he right up!”
“No, I think that cat Denomin ate her!” argued Jenna.
“No, Numer ate her. Look how full and fat he looks,” replied Joe.
“No, I’m certain Denomin ate her!!” said Jenna, “She’s sleeping soundly, and cats always sleep soundly after they eat.”
“Poor, poor Suzy,” said Jake, “If we’d only been here earlier to save her.”
Jenna and Joe continued to argue about which pet had eaten Suzy, when they heard a voice whispering…

The voice was twice as spooky as a voice that is 3/4 spooky! How spooky was the voice?

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