Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 11: A Long Journey

I’m not sure I wanna’ go to Factor Field or Acute Angle road at night!” said Joe.
“Yeah, both of those places are spooky, even in the daytime,” said Jake.
“Yeah, and there’s that old cemetery on top of Mixed Number Mountain!” said Joe, “there’s no way I’m going by there!”
“But we have no choice if we’re gonna’ save Suzy,” said Jenna.”
“I guess you’re right,” said Joe, “but I don’t have a good feeling about this.”
The three friends promised that whatever happened, they would stick together and save Suzy, and they set off on their journey with their flashlights burning brightly.
The trip was long and hard, and seemed to take days. Eventually, they became so exhausted they thought about turning back, but then they arrived at the Stream of Squares.
Jake yelled, “Look at the map, we’re at the Stream of Squares, we’re almost there!”And Jake was right, becuase when they looked into the distance they saw a terrible sight. It was the castle and it was a horrible looking castle covered by a dark cloud. As matter of fact, it was the most horrible thing the three of them had ever seen. They wanted to stop, the castle looked too evil too approach, but they knew they had to if they wanted to save Suzy, so they kept trudging along.

Finally, they were 8/8ths of the way there.

Speaking of 8/8, which is an equivalent fraction of 8/8?




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