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Mouse Poem

what do you think of mice?

mouse cartoon

Eek a mouse!
Get it out of the house!
Disgustingly, dastardly,
Devilish louse!
Chase it, catch it,
Buy some mouse traps,
Send it away,
Without any maps!


This mouse is too cute,
Hug it, cuddle it,
Sew it a suit!
Love it, feed it,
Kiss it,
Don’t scream,
Give it cheese doodles,
Serve it ice cream…
ice cream cone smiling


It’s a terrible thing,
Horrible hateful,
Disease it will bring!
Scare it, hide it,
Chase it away,
Bottle it! Can It!
Spray it with spray!


This mouse is alive,
It smells with its nose,
It sees with its eyes,
It eats with its mouth,
It walks with its feet,
It’s practically human,
This mouse can’t be beat…
A mouse is a mammal,
Just like us two,
Just like a camel,
And a brown kangaroo…
Yes, you’re a mammal,
Just like this mouse,
I think I’ll invite it,
To live in our house!

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