Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 4: The Evil Alien Mr. R.

The students typed 256 into the blue button and something strange happened. The green hand with 276 fingers began to change into something else.

The hand changed into an entire person, and it looked like Mr. R., but it wasn’t Mr. R., it was something much, much worse than Mr. R. It was the EVIL ALIEN MR. R.

They knew it was an alien because this Mr. R. had a strange battery pack and button near the back of his neck. He also had 2 orange polka dot eyes on the front of his head, and three purple eyes on the back of his head.

If all 5 eyes had 14 strange laser beams shooting out of them, how many lasers were there? (try to think about the tens and ones here, it will make it easier)

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