Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 10: A Very Dark Elevator and More Bad News...

The students typed in 75 and began to scream, “Close Door, Close!” five times.

The elevator door closed a little more each time they screamed! 

After the fourth time the students screamed, the door was almost shut, but they saw the Evil Alien Mr. R. dive towards the door. The students tried to scream, ‘Close Door Close” one more time, but they were too late.

The Evil Alien Mr. R. was able to squeeze through the door!

“Get out, you alien teacher!” yelled Ally.

“We don’t want you in here!” yelled Eliza.

“Yeah,” yelled Regina, “Just leave us alone!”

The Evil Alien Mr. R. just smiled and pressed a button on the side of the elevator. All the lights went out. It was dark, very dark! Then they heard Evil Alien Mr. R. laugh as a control panel lowered from the ceiling of the elevator.

The students noticed there was only one button on it. The button said:  

Straight to the Evil Spaceship of Math!

 The Evil Alien Mr. R. pressed the button!

“No!” yelled Ricardo, “He’s taking us to his spaceship of Math!”

“That’s correct,” laughed the Evil Alien Mr. R.

And then the students felt the elevator begin to shake and shoot up towards the sky!

If the spaceship went 54 miles, and then 53 miles and then 57 more miles, how far had it flown into the sky?

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