Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 1.2: A Pair of Big Problems and Aliens at School...

Big Problem #2

Meanwhile, in the recess yard, Larry, Ally, and Regina were playing freeze tag when they looked up and saw 167 strange green space ships flying in the sky.

spaceship green“Mr. R. told us that if we see green spaceships flying in groups, it usually means they’re full of aliens!“ yelled Regina.

“What if they aren’t flying in a group?” asked Larry.

“I don’t know! But I know we better get out of here!” yelled Ally.

When they turned to run, they saw there were 114 even stranger bluespaceship blue

spaceships coming from the other direction.

More Aliens!!” yelled Regina.

How many spaceships had the students in the recess yard seen in total?

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“Let’s get out of here and hide in Mr. R.’s Classroom where it’s safe!”

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