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Page 4: Fire Drill

“That’s correct kids, let’s stop giving Mr. R. a hard time,” said Ms. Curie, “The class is almost over, and I have to fix things up before I have to leave for the next school I’m visiting.”clock
“Awww, can’t you leave Mr. R.’s new nose the way it is? It’s so much fun to feed him!” said Zander.
Ms. Curie said, “I’m afraid not, I can’t just go around altering people’s DNA without changing them back. And now I only have 5 minutes before I have to run off.”
Ms Curie was lifting her little laser to shine on me when we heard the fire alarm.
“Fire Drill,” I said as I told the kids to silently line up. They got in line and we began walking towards the exit of the school. I almost forgot about my elephant’s trunk until I got outside with my students.
elephant cartoonWhen we got outside, I saw all the students, teachers, and even Principal Grapefruit staring at me, but since it was a fire drill, nobody was allowed to speak, so nobody could say anything about my elephant’s trunk.

tissuesAs I stood there outside, I wondered what would happen if I tried to sneeze. I would probably need a lot of tissues!

If tissues were on sale for 20% off, and they normally cost $5.60, how much were they on sale for?

Enter the price here (no $ sign please):

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elephant cartoonA few minutes later, we walked silently back to the classroom. We didn’t see Ms. Curie, but we saw a note from her. It said she had to leave for a class at another school, and she apologized for having to leave me with the elephant’s trunk. She said that over time, my DNA would take over, and the trunk would disappear…

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