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Page 3: Eating Peanuts

“What’s so funny?” I asked.
“You are!” they all screamed.
“What’s so funny about me?” I asked.
elephant cartoon“Your nose! You have an elephant’s trunk instead of a nose!”
“What?” I yelled as I looked down and saw something gray hanging down from my face.
“What’s this!” I screamed.
“Oh, I just mixed in a little elephant’s DNA, and gave you a spin,” said Ms. Curie.
“I can’t believe you did this,” I exclaimed.
“Oh, don’t worry, Mr. R., it’s only temporary. Why don’t you give your new schnozzola a try,” she said as she held a peanut a few feet away from me.
I didn’t purposely try to move my new nose, but I felt it lifting up and extending towards the peanut on it’s own. I sniffed a few times, and the peanut smelled so good, I had to grab it with my nostrils. It was a weird sensation. It was as if my nose had fingers on the end of it.peanut
I felt my trunk bring the peanut back and shove it in my mouth.
I spit the peanut out. “Ew,” I said, “Peanuts in the shell are not good!”
The students were laughing even harder.
“I want to feed you too!” laughed Carlos, and he held up a carrot he took from his lunchbox.
I couldn’t control myself and my elephant’s nose reached out, grabbed the carrot, and shoved it into my mouth!carrot cartoon
The students were rolling with laughter as they saw me chew the carrot, and they all started pulling items out of their lunches and holding them up. I didn’t want to eat those things, but my nose had a mind of its own!
“Hey Mr. R,” said Zander, “Do you want a piece of my cheese sandwich?” and then he held it up and my nose reached out, grabbed it, and shoved it into my mouth.
“Don’t be such a piggie,” yelled Jenna, “I mean elephant!” and they all laughed again.
“That’s not funny, Jenna,” I said, “even if I have an elephant’s trunk, I’m still in charge of this class.”
“Is that even relevant, Mr. Relephant?” joked Joe. The students laughed again.
“Joe,” I said, “We’re going to have a discussion after school. We don’t ever make fun of people, even if it’s the teacher.”

If Joe was in trouble 90 times that year already, and he had been in trouble 10% more the previous year, how many times had he been in trouble in total over the two years?

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