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Ice Cream Poem

Just how much ice cream can you eat?

  Ice Cream

I bought some ice cream at the store,
Ate it all, but wanted more…
Got a two-scoop, wafer cone,
Complete with sprinkles,
Brought it home…
double scoop cone ice cream
Still I hadn’t had enough,
Give me more, cold, sweet stuff!
To the store I went again,
Got a triple-scoop, my friend…
triple scoop cone ice cream
It was gone,
My stomach growled,
“Give me Ice cream!”
Stomach howled…
At the store, yet again,
Begged the owner- his name was Ben,
“Give me a quadruple-scoop, triple fudge swirl,
Make it a double, with a strawberry whirl!”
Ben stacked nice ice cream,
At least two-feet too high,
Then gave a quick look at me,
Right in my eye..
ice cream 2 feet high
“Listen kid, if you eat all this now,
You’re gonna’ be sick, and as big as a cow…
cow funny
But I ate, and I ate, and I ate, and I ate,
Until it was gone,
And I was still feeling great!!!
Was I quite finished?
Was I quite done?
Give me an ice cream as big as the sun!
sun cartoon with face
Ben’s hands were tired from scooping ice cream,
I stood and I watched as if in a dream…
Rocky Road, Coffee,
Caramel Whipped Cream,
French Vanilla so sweet,
Mint Chocolate Green…
Chewy Cherry Chocolate Chip,
Crunchy Crunch Bar,
Marshmallow Mushy Fudge,
My favorite so far!
Bubble Gum, Spaghetti,
and Pizza ice cream,
Taco, Egg Roll, every flavor I dream!
And when Ben was all done,
Scooping sweet stuff,
He said to me,
“Kid, I hope it’s enough…”
I took the cone,
That was piled so high,
That cold from ice cream,
Brought rain from the sky…
Ice cream so high,
It pained me to think,
Was I really not hungry?
Did I just want a drink?
pitcher of lemonade
I don’t like to say it,
But the truth is quite true,
I didn’t want ice cream,
Can I give it to you?
I asked a few people,
If they wanted to eat,
But they had to have dinner,
And couldn’t eat sweets…
So I let it all melt,
Into a sea of ice soup,
That covered the world in one great big loop…
People sailed through it in banana split boats,
Castles were surrounded,
By ice cream filled moats…
And people ate it,
And ate it,
And ate it they did,
And the sea got smaller,
Like an adult to a kid..

adult=kid cartoon

It was soon so small,
That folks couldn’t find it,
I know it sounds bad,
But I didn’t mind it…
Explorers now search,
To locate the spot,
Do I tell where it is???
I think quite…NOT!!!!!
It never runs out,
And it’s always so good,
I don’t like to share it,
But I know that I should…
The ice cream’s still sweet,
As sweet as can be,
Maybe one day,
You’ll come have some with me…

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