Mr. R.’s World of Math

Hand Soap

don't use it on your feet...

I played in mud,
And dirt, and grime,
Walked on home,
Feeling fine…
Mom was there,
Washing pans,
Here’s some hand soap,
For your hands…
hand soap bottle
Keep it off,
Those other parts,
Hand soap knows,
Its got smarts…
In the bathroom,
Thoughts arose,
What does hand soap,
Do to toes?
feet ten toes
I poured it,
Squished it,
On my feet,
Rubbed it in,
Felt some heat…
Then my feet,
They faded out,
feet with toes fading out
I got scared,
Began to shout…
Three days later,
Feet came back,
But what I learned,
Is this fact…
Just like drums,
Are played in bands,
drum kit
Hand soap’s only,
Used on hands…

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