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Halloween Math Exemplars

 Halloween Math Challenges!

Grade Level: K-5 in increasing order of difficulty (depending on your students of course…)
Skills: Various

1. If ghost costumes have 2 eyes each, how many eyes are on 6 ghost costumes? (draw a picture to help solve this)

2. You go trick-or-treating and get 2 different types of candy (candy corn and lollipops). The pattern looks like this                               

what candy do you think you will get next if the pattern continues?

3. If each black-cat costume has 4 paws, how many paws would there be on 3 black-cat costumes?

4. If a teacher cuts 7 candy apples in half, how many half apples will there be? (draw a picture to help solve this)

5. There are 6 monster costumes that have 3 eyes each, and 5 more monster costumes that have 2 eyes each, how many eyes are on all of the monster costumes?

6. If Halloween (October 31) is on a Saturday, what day of the week is November 11?

7. If there are 19 candy apples and 7 of them have worms, how many candy apples don’t have worms?

8. Dan and his 3 friends are all wearing the same monster costume. The costume has 3 eyes on it. How many eyes do they have in total?(including Dan and his friend’s real eyes).

9. Susan and 4 of her friends are all wearing the same monster costume at a party. The costume has 3 monster eyes on it. If 2 of Susan’s friends leave, how many monster eyes will be remaining? (assume no other people are wearing a monster costume)

10. Ms. Jones gave all 22 students in her 3rd grade class a chocolate bar for Halloween! That night, half of Ms. Jones students ate their chocolate bars, how many of the chocolate bars were uneaten?

11. You went trick-or-treating and got 9 lollipops! You decide to eat 2 each day, starting on a Monday, by which day of the week will you have eaten all of your lollipops?

12. If a store sold 36 ghost costumes on Thursday, and sold twice as many on Friday, how many ghost costumes did the store sell in all?

13. You went trick-or-treating and got $1.36 in coins. You really want to buy a new ball that costs $3. How much more money do you need?

14. Some ghosts want to make signs with their names on them. These are the ghosts names:


If vowels cost $3 each, and consonants cost $2 each, which ghost will have to pay the most to make a sign ?
Which ghost will pay the least?
Do any 2 ghost names cost the same amount?

15. You go trick or treating and get 3 1/2 pounds of candy! If there are 16 ounces in a pound, how many ounces of candy did you get?

16. You go trick-or-treating with some friends. At the first house, you get 2 pieces of candy, at the second house you get 4 pieces of candy, and at the third house, you get 6 pieces of candy. If this pattern continues, how many pieces of candy will you have after visiting 8 houses? (figure out the pattern first)

17. If each pumpkin has 24 pumpkin seeds, how many pumpkin seeds are in 2 1/2 pumpkins?

18. If a store sells 120 costumes, and 30% of them are ‘super hero’ costumes, how many costumes did they sell that weren’t super-hero costumes?

19. A bag of candy corn has160 calories in total. If the bag has 20 pieces of candy corn, how many calories does each piece of candy corn have?

20. A piece of candy corn is triangular in shape. If 2 of the angles on the candy corn measure 68 and 44 degrees, what is the measure of the third angle?

21. There are 78 pieces of candy in one plastic pumpkin, 62 in another, and 31 in the third, what is the average number of candies in the plastic pumpkins?

22. You just put on your new Halloween costume and you and your friends are going trick or treating.  At the first house you get 5 pieces of candy, at the second house, you get 10, and at the third house, you get 15. If the pattern continues and there are 12 houses on your street, how many pieces of candy will you get in all? (find the pattern first)

Challenge: If you eat 2 pieces of candy between each house, how many would you have after all 12 houses?

Super Challenge: If you went trick-or-treating with 8 friends and they all got the same amount of candy as you, how many pieces of candy did you and your 8 friends get in total?

23. Each year, in your town, there are twice as many houses for trick or treating. This year there are only 8 houses, in how many years will there be over 1 million houses?

24. Each year, I trick or treat on a rectangular block in my town. One side of the block is 2X the length of the other side. If the perimeter of the entire block is 564 yards, how long is each side?

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