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Page 4: Disappearing Stuffies...

The students finally fell back to sleep, but at about 2:30 in the morning, I heard a voice. It was Jackie this time.
“He’s gone.”
“Who’s gone,” I whispered.
rhino stuffed animal“Pointy, my rhino stuffie is gone.”
“I’m sure you just pushed it somewhere in your sleeping bag.” 
“Quiet please,” complained Suzy, “I’m trying to sleep.”
“Mr. Baskethead is gone too!” said Carlos.
“My Cheetah’s gone!” yelled Zander.cheetah cartoon
Everyone was now awake, and every student said their stuffie was missing.
“I told you there was a ghost that steals stuffies!” said Jackie. 
“OK, OK, I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for this. Now did anyone go around and take the stuffies?” 
“No, who would do that? Besides, someone would’ve woken up.” replied Jenna.
“It’s a ghost in the classroom, it’s definitely a ghost!” said Joe. 
“Yeah, he stole our stuffies, and I want them back!” said Carlos.
“I know this is upsetting,” I said, “But we have to get back to sleep. We have a long day tomorrow. I’m sure there’ll be a good explanation for all of this in the morning.”
“No, there won’t be any explanation, I can’t sleep without Ms. BootBottom,” complained Josie.
“Look, everyone’s going to have to try to sleep without their stuffies for one night. We’ll figure this all out tomorrow. Goodnight.”
There were some comments, but after a while it seemed as if everyone was asleep again. Although I knew there’s no such thing as ghosts, I did watch over my students for a while just to make sure. 
After a few more minutes passed, I fell asleep, and I was happy to say, the next sound I heard was the alarm on my phone. 
The students all began to wake up, yawning and rubbing their eyes. 
“He’s back!” I heard Josie yell.
“Mine too!’ said Carlos. 
“Mine also!” said Zander. 
All the students were hugging their stuffies that had returned in the night.
“But Pointy still isn’t here,” said Jackie, “The ghost still has him!”

If there was such a thing as ghosts, and the ghost had taken Pointy the Rhino Stuffie to a haunted house that was 2,349 miles away, how far (in total) would the students have to travel to go get Pointy and bring him back to the classroom?

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