Fred Frog and Lou Lillypad

ignore the bullies

Freddie Frog sat on Lou Lily-pad,
fred frog
lou the lillypad
“Pad-boy, why don’t you see?”
Why do you have a yellowish shade,
Why aren ‘t you greenish like me?
Why can’t you swim? Or dance? Or sing?
Why can’t you run very well?
Why can’t you jump better than me?
And what’s that awful lake smell?
Why do you float?
Why don’t you move?
And why can’t you be very sweet?
Why don’t your seeds,
Turn to tadpoles?
Why are you creased like a sheet?
Why don’t you smile?
Why are you mad?
Why are you flat like a dish?
Why don’t you live,
Under the water?
Like shrimp and golden goldfish
Why don’t you do,
What others do,
Why can’t you be just like them?
Why don’t you grow,
Hair on your head,
Why don’t you grow a new stem?
Lou Lillypad thought,
And he thought about why,
And when his thinking was done,
He pushed Freddy Frog,
From off his green back,
frog jumps off
To enjoy the warmth of the sun…
the sun

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