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Page 2: Chocolate and Broccoli

As we looked at the pile of cracked rock, a green cloud of smoke rose up and started to form into a shape. After a minute, we saw the shape was a little green person.alien
“This is weird and spooky!” yelled Regina.
It got weirder and spookier when the green thing started speaking.
“I’m Irving. I’m from Mars,” it said.
“You’re from Mars!” we all screamed.
“Yes, what’s so surprising about that?” said Irving.
“Nobody from Mars has ever been on Earth before! As a matter of fact, we never knew anybody even lived on Mars!”
“Martians used to come here from Mars all the time, but I guess that was before the humans were here.”
“Anyway, enough small talk! You must help me on my mission. Is anyone here named Matthew?”
We all looked at Matthew.
“Why do you ask?” I asked.
“Many millions of years ago, there was a man named Matthew on Mars. He had a bad habit of making trouble. The last thing he did before he left Mars was to turn all of our Mars chocolate into broccoli, broccoliand believe me, Mars chocolate is the best in the galaxy.”
“He turned the chocolate into broccoli? I don’t think I like that Matthew guy,” said Maria.
“Yes, all of us martians were so mad at him, he was forced to flee the planet on a spaceship.”
“Are you sure you’re telling the truth? And how do you know how to speak English if you’re from Mars?”
“Yes, I’m telling the truth. And wouldn’t you have learned a language if you were stuck in a museum listening to people speak it all day!”

If the museum was open every day from 9:15 AM to 7:36PM, how long was the museum open for?

1) 9 hours 21 minutes

2) 10 hours 22 minutes

3) 9 hours 22 minutes

4) 10 hours 21 minutes

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