Mr. R.’s World of Math

feeding the dog

eat your dog food!

I gave my dog some peanut butter,
peanut butter and jellyBread and blue grape juice,
A garbage truck with junk inside,
A toy that had no use…
I heard that dogs eat anything,
And I just had to see…
He ate a shirt,
shirt cartoon red
He ate my pants,
short pants
He almost ate up me!
I put some books in front of dog,
To see if he could read,
spelling book cartoon
He ate those books,
With a grin,
He’s a special breed…
dog cartoon
I put a pen in front of dog,
To see if he could write,
Pen ball point
He chewed and chewed that little pen,
From morning to the night…
Next day he scratched,
And scratched,
And scratched,
Scratched too much for me,
I got some new flea powder,
To chase away the fleas…
He ate the dry flea powder,
He licked it nice and clean,
Although his tongue got kind of white,
No fleas are ever seen…
I gave my dog some dog food,
dog food
He stared at me with fear,
The food is sitting in his bowl,
dog bowl
Its almost been a year…

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