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Page 2: The Wrong Bottle...

The students went to their seats and Ms. Wigglefrog began the morning meeting. A few students shared what they’d done over the weekend, and then Jenna raised her hand and pointed to the red bottle on her desk.

bottle drink me“What’s that bottle Ms. Wigglefrog?” asked Jenna.
“I really don’t know,” said Ms. Wigglefrog, “I found it here this morning. It’s kind of a mystery. Do any of you know anything about it?”
“What does it say on it?” asked Jackie.
Ms. Wigglefrog picked it up and showed it to the class. It just says, DRINK ME, on it.
“Are you gonna’ drink it?” asked Jenna.
“That’s disgusting!” yelled Carlos.
“No, Jenna,” said Ms. Wigglefrog, “I’m not going to drink it, and I hope that none of you would ever drink anything from any bottle that you found. It’s just not safe. You never know what could be in there.”
“I’d drink it!” screamed Matthew.
“You would not!” scoffed Joe.
“Would too!” screamed Matthew.
“OK, OK quiet,” said Ms. Wigglefrog as she put the red bottle back on her desk and began her math lesson.
About halfway through the lesson, Ms. Wigglefrog’s throat became dry. She walked to her backpack to get her water bottle. It was red. She opened it, took a sip and put it on her desk near the other bottle of red stuff. The bottles looked very similar.

“OK,” said Ms. Wigglefrog, “Who knows what 8 X 12 is?” Nobody raised their hand.
“Doesn’t anyone remember, it’s just a basic multiplication fact. Have you all forgotten multiplication?”
Ms. Wigglefrog looked very annoyed as the students sat there, embarrassed they’d forgotten their facts.
“It’s as simple as 8 X 10 plus 8 X 2,” reminded Ms. Wigglefrog. There was more silence.
80 + 16. 96 anyone?” she said, exacerbated.
Still, nobody seemed as if they understood the math. She was so frustrated that she picked up the wrong red bottle.
The students began to scream to tell her she had the wrong bottle, but it was too late. She had already opened it and gulped down the entire thing!

If there had been 156 ounces in the bottle, and it had taken her 12 gulps to finish it, how many ounces did she drink with each gulp?

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