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Page 2: Lots of Babies!

The alien aimed its longest, greenest finger into the classroom and I saw a beam of light fly out of it. I ducked and the light went over my head and straight towards my students.
“Watch out!” I yelled, but it was too late. I saw my students start to glow. The brightness made me close my eyes for a second, and when I opened my eyes, I couldn’t believe what I saw.
babies cartoonMy students were all exactly where they had been, but now they were lying on the floor crying, goo-goo, gaa-gaa, boo-boo, boo-hoo, moo-moo-mama! The alien had turned my 4th graders into pre-pre-schoolers!
A few of the babies started crawling around the classroom and began chewing on things like crayons, books, and the legs of chairs.
“Everybody back to your rug spots!” I yelled, but the babies didn’t understand language yet, and they kept crawling around the classroom.
glue cartoonSome began spilling paint onto the floor, while others began pouring glue into the computer keyboards.
“Stop!! This is not how 4th graders act!” I yelled, but it was no use.
I turned back to the alien who was smiling behind the window.
“What did you do to my students! Change them back into 4th graders!” I demanded.
The alien smiled at me and said, “I’ve come from the planet Toddletot, and I will not change them back! I’m going to take them with me in my spaceship. We’re collecting all the babies in the entire universe!”
“You will not take my students anywhere!” I yelled.
But just after I said it, he aimed that long green finger at me….

If the alien had 32 eyes and 4 heads. How many eyes were on each of its heads? (assume all its heads had the same number of eyes!)

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