Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 8: A Stretched out Guinea Pig and a Wild Ride...

     The school was beginning to vaporize all around them. Mr. R.’s chemicals were very, very strong! Too bad the poor students still hadn’t figured out how to save Cocoa, their favorite talking guinea-pig.
     Steam was streaming out of the steam pipes that were exploding. Math and spelling books were mysteriously flying through the room…
     “We have to do something quickly!” yelled Serena.
     “How about we pull Cocoa by the tail into the elevator,” suggested Justin as the walls of the room began to crack.
     “But the elevator is inside of Cocoa’s mouth. Do you think we can pull her inside herself?” asked Hannah.
     “It sounds like a good idea,” said David, “but who’s going to go out there into that vaporizing classroom?”
    “Not me!” said Justin.
    “Or me!” said Serena. As a matter of fact all the students said they wouldn’t go.
     “I guess I will have to make that decision for the students.” Says Mr. R. to himself as he types this chapter. Let’s see. Should I send him? No, should I send her? No…I have it! I’ll put a math problem by each student’s name, and have you do the math problems to find out who’s going to go…

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