Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 2: No Way Out!

The students all ran to the fire escape screaming for their lives.
     “For their lives!” screamed Hannah.
     “For their lives!” screamed David.
Justin was in the lead because he was the fastest of the five students, but Greg who was also fast grabbed onto the back of Justin’s shirt so that he wouldn’t fall behind. By doing this he slowed them both down and Serena passed them as she ran towards the fire escape. Hannah and David were pretty slow and were in the back together.
     “Let me go Greg!” cried Justin, but Greg didn’t let go.
     “I hate running!”yelled David as he huffed and puffed towards the fire escape, “Why can’t they invent a computer that can run for you?”
running computerWhile David complained about running, he saw Serena, Justin, and Greg slip on some slippery stuff that had been spilled on the floor. They fell down in a big, tangled pile and David and Hannah passed them and made it to the fire escape door first…
When David pushed open the door of the fire escape he looked down, then he looked up. He gulped and looked down again. David didn’t like what he saw!!!
     “The last place I’m going is down there!” said David. When the other students looked over the edge they saw why David was so scared. They were staring into a deep hole that seemed to go down to the center of the earth. The fire escape had vanished and the hole was very deep!
As a matter of fact it was:

2,345,678  +  3,456  feet deep

How many feet deep was the hole?

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