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Page 5: Floating Down Through Space

NASA shuttleWe floated back to our seats and Carlos’ grandfather said, “Now I have to land this thing safely, so you can get back to class.”
He began pressing buttons and we felt the rocket begin heading down towards Earth.
“We’re going really fast! Are we gonna’ crash!” screamed Jackie.
“No, don’t worry, in a minute I’ll fire the thrusters to slow us.”
Carlos’ grandpa pressed a button, and we heard the engines engage, and we felt the rocket slow down a little. A few seconds later the rocket decelerated again, and we floated down, and made a gentle landing in the recess yard. There wasn’t even too much smoke.
We all cheered while Carlos’ grandfather smiled a huge smile and came around and gave all of us hugs and high-fives.
“I’ve been waiting for this day forever,” he said, “It’s really been a dream come true.” Then he told us we could get up safely and return to class.
We went back down the steps of the rocket.

If we got back to class with 16 minutes left in our lunch period, and lunch was 45 minutes long, what percentage of lunch time was left?

Enter the answer here (to two decimal places):
percentss PERCENT

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astronaut“That was awesome! We’re astronauts!” yelled Zander when he got back into the recess yard. 
“Yeah, but nobody’s ever gonna’ believe us,” said Jake.
“What do you mean, we’ll just show them the rocket,” said Jenna as she pointed in the direction of the rocket, but when we looked, it was gone.
“Where’d it go?” asked Jackie, “Rockets just can’t disappear.”
“Well this one just appeared, so maybe it can disappear too,” said Regina.
I shrugged and said, “I guess we’ll be the only ones that know the truth. Now let’s get back to class to get ready for lunch.”

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