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The Number Thief: 12X Facts

The New Year's Eve Story (page 9 of 14)

I felt kind of bad,
That thief was there freezing,
The air was real cold,
The wind was fast breezing,
So I opened the window,
And thief wiggled in,
But things that he did,
Were really a sin!
Thief jumped to the floor,
And spun all around,
A mean look in his eye,
And he made a mean sound…
I’ve come to steal numbers,
There is no disguise,
How didn’t you know,
I was telling you lies!
This year will be awesome.
That’s how I’m feeling!
It’ll be an amazing,
Great-year for stealing!
He ran for my notebooks,
math notebook
That were up on my shelves,
Said he was feeling like,
Stealing some twelves!
I don’t steal your cash,
I don’t steal your money,
I only steal numbers,
Like 10 x 12 is ____

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