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The Number Thief: 12X Facts

The New Year's Eve Story (page 14 of 14)

My parents came home,
From their trip to the mall,
Would they believe,
What I told them at all?
They’d returned to our home,
As thief flew through the sky,
Had they finally seen,
That Number Thief guy…
They opened the front door,
Exactly at midnight,
They screamed! Happy New Years!
With delicious delight…
I told them to hurry,
To look quick to the stars,
Then they could see,
The thief fly by Mars…
They looked in the sky,
But thief wasn’t there,
They did see some fireworks,
That boomed through the air…
I told them what happened,
The Thief had arrived,
In time for New Years,
But I had survived,
By answering questions,
The 12’s multiples,
Just like cowboys
Like to ride bulls….
They put me to bed,
New Years had arrived,
Said it was time,
To stop telling lies…
But when I looked at the clock,
For the first time that year,
I wasn’t surprised,
When the 12 wasn’t there…
clock no 12

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