The Number Thief Double Numbers

addition of double numbers (page 10 of 11)

The game kept going,
And what happened was this,
Number Thief was gone,
And he wouldn’t be missed…
Then my parents came home,
From their trip to the mall,
Would they believe,
What I ‘d tell them at all?
“A number thief jumped,
From the spout of the sink,
And tried to steal numbers,
I’d written in ink!!!

Right off my homework,
But I found his defeat…
By doubling numbers,
It was all pretty neat!!!
He chased me around,
But I shrank him so small,
Until he was gone,
Head, body, and all…”
Mom didn’t think,
Lying was funny,
But I’d told her the truth,
Like 10 +10 equals _____

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