don't ever try this....

Wouldn’t it be cool,
If just for a day,
Baby strollers had engines,
That would let babies play?
We’d fill diaper boxes,
With pure gasoline,
And pour it all into the stroller machine!
The babies would line up,
For the great stroller race,
My baby brother’s does 80,
80 miles an hour
Can your sister’s keep pace?
From around the world,
Babies come to compete,
Representing all countries,
And cities complete…
With cute little helmets,
Placed on cute little heads,
Flags from their lands,
Tied to cute little beds…
Babies tucked in,
Ready to go
Get ready get set,
This will be quite a show!
starters flag
Around the first turn,
My brother does lead,
The other babies pit-stop,
For an afternoon feed…
baby bottle
Mushed-up sweet carrots,
And a bottle of peas,
peas and carrots
But my brother keeps going,
Wheels spinning with ease…
But look-out ­ here’s a stroller,
From the way, way, way back,
A stroller from Europe,
Pulls ahead of the pack…
My bro’ guns his engine,
And lets out a scream,
“Nobody can beat me in MY racing machine!”
car around bend
He floors the gas pedal,
And handles a curve,
And leaves other babies,
In the place they deserve…
He gets a big trophy,
For getting first place,
My brother’s stroller and I,
Have won one more race…
first place
When my brother and I,
Return to our home,
“How was the walk?” asks my dad,
“Fine,” I say with a groan…
“Boring as usual dad,”
As I make my bored face,
All the while thinkin’ about,
Next week’s big race…

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