The Number Thief: 8X Facts

a halloween visit (page 8 of 13)

The princess flew higher,
The top of my room,
And changed to a witch,
Riding a broom!
witch broom
The witch was real ugly,
With green skin and warts,
She looked down at me,
With sniffles and snorts…
I’ll take some more digits,
Some digits you see,
Like 56 is 2 numbers,
In a row you can see…
I gazed at the witch,
And let out a giggle,
The answer my friend,
Will make your broom wiggle!
The answer you want,
Makes 4 in a row,
56 is
7 x _______ don’t you know…

(56= 7 X 8 is four digits in a row 5-6-7-8)

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