The Number Thief: 8X Facts

a halloween visit (page 7 of 13)

Thief changed again,
To a Princess, no less,
With a pretty pink wand,
And a pretty pink dress…
 pink dress
I looked up and laughed,
At the princess clad thief,
He looked down at me,
He’d still give me grief!
I may look like a princess,
But I’ll still take your 8’s,
I may look very pretty,
But I still have thief traits!
He waved his pink wand,
pink magic wand
And spun on the ceiling,
Screamed 24,
I got a bad feeling…
I’d forgotten that one,
I don’t really know why,
Maybe too much sweet candy,
And sweet pumpkin pie…
Thief laughed and he laughed,
Thought I’d been beat,
But then I remembered,
Like Halloween’s sweet,
I smiled at thief,
And told him, you see,
24 is as easy,
As 8 x _____

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