The Number Thief: 8X Facts

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I screamed at the thief,
For quite a long time,
Get off my math homework,
My homework is mine!
He looked up at me,
And laughed really cruel,
And stole my last 8,
I’d written for school…
I’ll steal all your 8’s,
And its multiples,
I’ll steal all your 8’s,
Like cowboys rope bulls!
He chewed up my 8,
And swallowed it down,
And changed from a goblin,
Right into a clown…
clown clothing
I ran at the thief,
Filled up with rage,
I’d lock number thief,
In my green gecko’s cage…
I’d lock him in there,
Like my gecko, named Morty,
Put him right in,
Like 8 x 5 equal _____

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