The Number Thief: 8X Facts

a halloween visit (page 3 of 13)

I ran to the door,
Hoped it was locked,
But then I heard something,
Had somebody knocked?
Trick or treaters I hoped,
I peeked out to see,
And what I saw wasn’t good,
Why does this happen to me?
Number thief was right there,
And said,
Open the door,
I’m not stealing numbers,
I don’t do that no more!
I just want some candy,
Some Halloween treats,
I’ve given up stealing,
I just want some sweet eats…
halloween candy
I know it looks dumb,
When you give it a glance,
But I decided bad thief,
Deserved one more chance…
I would give him some candy,
Playing with fire?
He pushed open the door,
Thief was a big liar!
Thief ran to my notebook,
He was dressed as a ghost,
And he grabbed for my digits,
Like a toaster toasts toast…
I didn’t have patience,
For number thief’s tricks,
Just like 48,
Is 8 times a _____

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